Your Choices for Hunter Douglas Shades

Making sure that your window treatments suit your home is of paramount importance. Their light control capabilities mean that window treatments can have more of an impact on the overall feeling and aesthetic of your home than almost any other aspect of your décor. If you have already decided that Hunter Douglas shades are the right choice for you and your family, then that’s great, but you aren’t out of the woods yet. Because of the many varieties of shades available to you, let the window treatment professionals at Spencer Carlson in Kennewick, Washington explain what your options are.

Sheers and Shadings

If you found that you were torn between shades and draperies, you’re in luck. Hunter Douglas sheer shadings combine the light filtration abilities of sheer draperies with the light control options of Hunter Douglas hard window treatments. With vanes suspended between sheer panels of fabric, Hunter Douglas sheer shadings filter light rather than blocking it, lending any space a tender sense of warmth and tranquility.

Cellular Shades

If you are looking to save money on your energy bill but aren’t sure where to start, look no further than Hunter Douglas cellular shades. Cellular shades, also known as “honeycomb shades” because of their unique design, trap air that could serve to drastically change the temperature of your home within their pockets. Because of this, your home’s temperature will stay more consistent, and you won’t have to constantly be running back and forth from the thermostat, which will serve to lower your energy bill. But that isn’t their only benefit: cellular shades also provide sound insulation, so if you have noisy neighbors or mow your lawn often in the spring and summer, these unique shades will also keep your house nice and quiet.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are the perfect marriage of retro and modern aesthetics. With their clean lines and incredibly simple operation, Hunter Douglas roller shades are perfect for any homeowner who wants no-fuss window treatments for their home. They also have another perk: if you are worried about UV damage affecting your walls, furniture, or floors, Hunter Douglas offers their take on a solar shade with the Designer Screen Shade, so that you can have all the benefits of a traditional roller shade while also keeping your home safe from UV damage.

Roman Shades

If you want to make a bold design statement in your home, Roman shades are a great way to do it. Made out of luxurious pleats of fabric, Roman shades add an air of drama and romance to any space where they are installed. There are also available in a vast selection of fabrics, patterns, colors, and textures, so if you are worried about your window treatments matching your décor, then Roman shades are definitely for you.

Have you found the perfect Hunter Douglas shades for your home? If so, please visit Spencer Carlson’s showroom in Kennewick, Washington today to pick up a set for your home, as well as anything else your house may need, including lighting, wall décor, and fabrics. We also proudly serve the Tri-Cities, including Richland, Pasco, and the surrounding areas.